kâ-nâkatohkêhk miyo-ohpikinâwawasowin
the miyo resource

Well-Being & Resiliency

IRM Research and Evaluation Inc. collaborated with the Government of Alberta, Ministry of Children’s Services to support the incorporation of Indigenous Worldview into the Well-being and Resiliency Framework.

The miyo Resource discusses foundational beliefs, approaches of Indigenous peoples to promote well-being and resiliency, and the evaluative processes from an Indigenous worldview. This resource outlines an evaluative framework (Indigenous Program Indicators) that recognizes culturally-based practice and assesses program effectiveness and the achievement of outcomes in a meaningful way. It is intended to be used by Indigenous organizations or Indigenous-serving programs.

To support the implementation of The miyo Resource and Indigenous Program Indicators, IRM Research and Evaluation Inc. began offering miyo training to Family Resource Networks across Alberta. For more information on miyo training click here.


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