kawiyahîtamik kesi wîcehtâsôk
To Examine in Order to Support/Redirect


IRM Research and Evaluation Inc. have supported numerous Indigenous organizations and Indigenous-serving programs with incorporating Indigenous worldview into program evaluation.

The Indigenous Program Indicators provide organizations with a framework to assess and evaluate how well services offered to Indigenous children, families, individuals, and communities reflect Indigenous culture, ceremony, and language.

This process is understood in the nêhiyaw language as kawiyahîtamik kesi wîcehtâsôk: to examine in order to support/redirect. To date, IRM has collaborated with the following organizations in order to support the application of the Indigenous Program Indicators in practice: The Family Centre of Northern Alberta, The Government of Alberta’s Ministry of Children’s Services: Well-being and Resiliency Framework, North-Central Alberta Children’s Services, Bent Arrow Traditional Healing Society, and City of Calgary, Family and Community Support Services (FCSS).