awîna kiyânaw
who are we?


We believe strongly that there is an overrepresentation of Euro-centric (or Western) worldviews, values and beliefs in the lives of Indigenous peoples.

IRM Research and Evaluation Inc. (IRM) was formed in 2012 with the goal of providing research services, program evaluation services, and human-service training all from within an Indigenous worldview, based in Indigenous teachings, beliefs, values, language, ceremony, and protocol. IRM is a partnership between Indigenous Elders and non-indigenous wîcîtasowak (one’s who come to help).

Since its formation, IRM has provided intensive four-day culture- and ceremony-based training to over 1000 social workers, caseworkers, policymakers, supervisors, and front-line workers. In addition, IRM has completed numerous funded research projects exploring human services to Indigenous children, families, and communities and has provided culturally-based program evaluation services to many Indigenous programs and Indigenous-serving programs.

IRM has produced and published multiple resources and guidelines for service provision including videos, plays, reports, monographs, published articles, government policies and reports, conference presentations, proposals and many other formats. Most recently, IRM participated in the submission of a federal Canadian research proposal (SSHRC IDG Grants) written entirely in the nehiyaw (Cree) language – the first ever in Canada. IRM also participated in the recent publication of “Ohpikinâwasowin/Growing a Child: Implementing Indigenous Ways of Knowing with Indigenous Families” released by Fernwood Publishing in September 2020.

IRM is at the forward edge of Indigenous research, program development, and training and our work is foundationally focused on ceremony-based healing, nehiyaw teachings, and working within a nehiyaw language and worldview. We believe strongly that there is an overrepresentation of Euro-centric (or Western) worldviews, values, and beliefs in the lives of Indigenous peoples. Our work is dedicated to changing that overrepresentation towards the eventual goal that current and future generations of Indigenous children enjoy and celebrate the Indigenous rights, worldviews, beliefs, teachings, values, ceremonies, and language that they so strongly deserve and desire. We may not be the organization that tips the scale, however, we are fully and operationally committed to being one more weight on the scale.