ni wîken nîki e-pimitisaham nehiyaw tapokeyitamowina

Living in my own house with nêhiyaw beliefs and values

ni wîken nîki: e-pimitisaham nêhiyaw tapokeyitamowina (living in my own house with nêhiyaw beliefs and values) or, in academic language, Indigenous Research Methodologies are a stand-alone process of Wisdom-Seeking.

Over an iterative ten-year journey, our Wisdom-Seeking team completed an SSHRC-funded research project exploring how the concept of truth is conceptualized within an Indigenous universe. During our exploration, we learned that the experience of Indigenous Wisdom-Seeking is distinct from typical western worldview-based qualitative research methodologies. As a component of the overall project, we also received funding from the University of Calgary, Faculty of Social Work Teaching Development Grant to develop a graduate-level Indigenous Research Course outline along with the course resources.

In close relationship with the Indigenous Knowledge-Keepers, our Wisdom-Seeking team created a conceptual framework to share the processes for Wisdom-Seeking and Truth-Seeking within nêhiyaw (Cree) ceremony, language, and protocol. This framework provides students with an in-depth awareness and knowledge of the nêhiyaw beliefs and values embodied within one Indigenous Wisdom-Seeking paradigm. Our collective vision is that students will understand the spiritual commitment required to Wisdom-Seek in ways that are honoring of Indigenous truth and wisdom.


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