kâ-nâkatohkêhk miyo-ohpikinawâwasowin
Making oneself aware of good child growing/raising

The miyo Training

The miyo training provides agencies and institutions with training and support in using the Indigenous Program Indicators to plan, create, and evaluate the quality of their services to Indigenous family’s, children, and communities.

The miyo training shares the basic nehiyaw teachings and a focus on the four realms (emotional, physical, spiritual and mental) and living miyo pimatisiwin (the good life) based on the teachings and the realms. The four realms are explored in detail assisting service providers in the provision of services that are based in, and connected to, a foundational Indigenous worldview. While the training has a nehiyaw (Cree) focus, the concepts and principles can be applied in other contexts. The miyo training strongly encourages service providers to connect, with protocol, to Elders and knowledge-keepers in their respective communities to learn the teachings and ceremonies specific to those communities.


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