The Gathering

This compendium is based on a qualitative research project that collected the stories of children and adults involved in various aspects of First Nations and Métis child protection on March 5th, 2010 at Blue Quills First Nations College (now University nuhelot’įne thaiyots’į nistameyimâkanak Blue Quills).

The Alberta Centre for Child Family and Community Research (The Centre) contracted with Blue Quills First Nations College (BQFNC) and the graduate‐level University of Calgary Social Work students at BGFNC to collect stories of success from First Nations and Métis children currently in care, First Nations and Métis children who had transitioned out of care, First Nations and Métis Child Welfare Case Workers and First Nations and Métis community people involved with providing support and services to children in care. Additional funding for the data collection was provided by the Northern Alberta Development Council. A compendium literally translates as “to weigh together” from the Latin word compendere.

This compendium will ask the reader to do just that; reflect on the contents of the research from the four selected areas exploring the successful outcomes in child protection; combine individual experiences and reflect upon the possibilities for future successes in First Nations and Métis foster/kinship care placements. To help you to “weigh together” the issues and concepts we have included an introduction by Tara Hanson, (The Centre), opening comments given by Dr. Leona Makokis (BQFNC), a brief explanation of the research process, summaries of the four areas, closing remarks by Dr. Jean Lafrance, and a brief discussion.